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The Mallorca Company


Foto Lifestyle insideMallorca is synonym of lifestyle and trendiness accompanied by a relaxed atmosphere all in a cultural melting pot. Mallorca has many faces. There are always new places to explore, beaches to visit, restaurants to try, excursions to trek and sun sets to enjoy.

There is always an interesting exhibition or play or in summer simply a concert in remote towns you can explore.

If you just wish to enjoy a tranquil holiday or a prolonged stay immersed in Mallorca’s wine culture, or in its magnificent selctions of restaurants after an 18 hole run. Let us help you!

Mallorca surprises locals and newcomers equally.

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We as a multicultural team can help you find hidden places and almost every nook and cranny in the island.

For further information you can either contact us or simply click on our extended version of Golf courses, Ports, Restaurants, Beaches, Mallorcas areas, etc.