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Beaches in Mallorca

Beaches BotonBeen an Island Mallorca has almost all its coast to offer splendid white sand beaches, rocky beaches, open plan ones, others surrounded by mountains. There are places reachable by car car, others just on foot… it variety is what makes this a perfect spot in the Mediterranean. That is why we will list a few of these below, but there are always many more to explore.


On the North Coast:


Playa de Muro

This is a long sandy beach with nice view to the mountains. The sand is fine and water is clear and shallow… it is simply perfect for those with families and children. There is a lot of space to play and there are bars and restaurants along the beach open throughout the whole day.

The coordinates are: 39º48’52” N – 3º07’01” E



Alcudia is one of the big bays in the north of the island. It is also a fantastic beach for families and children. It has a promenade and some bar are directly on the beach. There is also a playground on the beach for kids! When the sun starts setting you can walk along the promenade to Port Alcudia for a snack, a drink or simply to let you children play a bit more on the trampolines set up form them in the summer.

The coordinates are: 39º50’16”N – 3º07’29” E



If you were shown a picture of this beach and you were asked where it was you would possibly think the Caribbean. This is a white sandy beach with crystal clear shallow water. It is remote but can get crowded in the summer. There are only two restaurants at the beach and no amenities nearby, so be prepared. We would not recommend this beach for children since it is very narrow therefore not leaving much space for children top lay.

The coordinates are: 39º55’41” N – 3º08’08” E


Cala Deia

This is what we call a typical mallorquin cove. There is no sand only pebbles and rock but the surroundings are of such beauty and charm that it is a favourite amongst locals. The sea is always amazingly clear and inviting. It is not an easy place to reach. Once the car is parked the walk is not long but steep. There are two restaurants with very good fish dishes. Early diner at sunset in the summer with a glass of white wine is a must!

The coordinates are: 39º45’37” N – 2º38’30” E


Platja D’en Repic in Soller

Bahia de Soller is one the most beautiful palces on the island. It is a natural port, surrounded by steep dramatic mountains, with a pleasant and walking promenade with many trendy cafes and restaurants. This beach is sandy and there is space for children to play. But the water is not shallow. On the contrary there is quite a steep slop into the sea. So it is not ideal to leave them on their own playing around. Port Soller is always worth a visit.

The coordinate are: 39º47’26” N – 2º41’34” E


On the East Coast:


Sa Coma & Cala Millor

These are the two biggest resort on the east coast. Only separated by the península Punta N’Amer. This is a really nice walk between the two beaches, but a long one. Sa Coma is one kilometre long and pretty wide. The sand is white and water is very clear and shallow. There is a walking promenade which takes you another beautiful cove: Cala Moreya. Form this spot or even Punta N’Amer it is possible to spot dolphins sometimes. Cala Millor on the other hand is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast. Its sand is white and its waters are shallow. It is definitely child friendly.

The coordinates are: 39º34’25” N – 3º22’34” E


Calas de Mallorca

It is a family orientated resort. Calas de Mallorca is composed by three lovely coves: Cala Domingos Grand, Cala Domngos Petit and Cala Antena. All three beaches have fine sand and turquoise-blue waters. There are ammenities nearby. There is a small “Chririguito” in Cala Domingos Grand, but apart from this one all bars and restaurants are around the centre of the resort.

The coordinates are: 39º27’30” N – 3º161’41” E



This beautiful beach is situated inside a bay surrounded by mountains and pine forest. It is a very quite place. Generally it is a favourite holiday destination for spaniard form the mainland. Canyamel has a small city centre with shops and restaurants. The beach has golden sand and its waters are crispy blue. There is plenty of space for children top lay around and even though the water isn’t shallow there is a lifeguard all day during everyday in the summer looking after your safety.

The coordinates are: 39º39’25” N – 3º 26’29” E


Cala Marcal in Porto Colom

Porto Colom remains a small traditional fishing village the beach Cala Marcal is only 500 metres form the main Street. It isn’t very big hence it’s charm. It has lovely sand and clear blue waters. Many people come here for snorkelling. Since it has cliffs along each side it is very easy to do a Little snorkelling, relax on the sunbeds and then have a snack at one of the restaurants by the beach. Then a Little swim and off to walk along Porto Colom’s promenade. It is a picturesque site. Worth a visit.

The coordinates are: 39º 24’35” N – 3º 15’29” E


Cala Santanyi

Many would consider this beach close to perfection. Situated between cliffs and pines, with white sand, turquoise shallow waters, not very crowded and with a restaurant/bar by the beach. This as most of the coves/beaches on the east coast of the island have its charm and lovely views.

The coordinates are: 39º19’53” N - 2º 08’42” E


On the South Coast & Palma:


Cala Pi

Cala Pi means the cove of pine trees. This white sandy, flat beach is surrounded by pine trees. Its waters are crystal clear and shallow. It is considered a good beach for families. There is a free car park and its accessibility is easy. There are beach bars perfect for some refreshments.

The coordinates are: 39°21'51" N - 2°50'11" E


Sa Rapita

Is one of the beaches I like to recommend. It is easy to find, it has easy parking, easy Access and a great restaurant and bar. This beach is 1,1 km and is quite wide. Its sand is fine grained ad almost white. The water is crystal clear with shades of dark and light blue. Shallow for many meters. It offers sun beds and umbrellas.

The coordinates are: 39°21'47" N - 2°57'22" E


S’Arenal & Playa de Palma

This is the longest beach on the island, 5,5 km, with a fantastic walking promenade and each section offers different entertainment activities. It is a very popular beach so it is recommended to get there early. Also if you are looking for a tranquil sandy spot this is not your first choice. There is parking long the back streets and many bars and restaurants. Since is has been a very popular area with the Germans, there are many German restaurants.

The coordinates are: 39°30'08" N - 2°45'02" E


Ciudad Jardin

This is one of the local beaches. Ciudad Jardin is a mostly Spanish residential area hence the popularity amongst Spanish population. It is a very nice comfortable beach. With easy Access, just 5 minutes from Palma, with a walking promenade, plenty of restaurants and a beach bar “El Peñon” for those who like to enjoy sunsets accompanied by a glass of wine and some tapas. The sand is fine ad the water is shallow. There are other facilities such as toilets and showers. It is a perfect place is you wish to walk away literally from a busy day in the city.

The coordinates are: 39°33'09" N - 2°41'21" E


Cala Mayor

This is the nearest beach to Palma as you head out to the west. It used to be very popular when mass tourism started in Mallorca. It is not a picturesque site, but is is a comfortable one. It can get very crowded in the months on July and August. June on weekends is also full due to all the residents in the area. Cala Mayor used to be a top resort, when all the other Southwest areas were undeveloped. There are bar and restaurants as well as supermarkets just a few steps from the beach.

The coordinates are: 39°33'08" N - 2°36'22" E


On the West Coast:


Santa Ponsa & El Toro

This two beaches are family orientated. There are many british tourist during the summer months, but there is always space. Santa Ponsa beach has white sands and clear water. There is a walking promenade and many bars and restaurants. It is walking distance to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and many other amenities. El Toro is popular amongst the locals of the area. Now with the new Port Adriano, it is expected to have more affluence of people. From it you can easy walk to trendy bars, restaurants and even a scuba diving school.

The coordinates are: 9°30'59" N - 2°28'48" E and 39°29'29" N - 2°28'45" E


Sant Elm

Is a beautiful part of Mallorca’s South West. THe road to get there is twisty but the scenery is beautiful. Sant Elm has only 500 inhabitants and it lives mainly from tourism. Its sandy beach its child friendly and fun. The small pedestrian Street by it is great for a walk . There are restaurants, bar, supermarkets, all necessary for a day at teh beach. There is a parking lot which charges 3 Euros a day. The waters are clear and clean. From the beach the Dragonera Island can be seen. It is definitely worth a visit.

The coordinates are: 39°34'40" N - 2°21'14" E


Camp de Mar

This is a beautiful beach perfectly protected form the wind and the waves. It is perfect for families. The water is shallow, crystal clear and clean. The is a charming beach bar reachable by a small wooden bridge from the beach. There are many other amenities around the area with in walking distance. There is also a parking lot nearby. There are hotel son the first line to the beach, but it is no problem to reach the white fine sands.

The coordinates are: 39°32'16" N - 2°25'23" E


El Mago

This is an amazing small beach situated in a small cove with beautiful surroundings. Actually, in the summer when there are too many people you can always find a spot on the flat rocks around the beach. It is one of the first nudist beaches in Mallorca. The film, The Magician, was shot in this beach in 1967! With Anthony Quinn and Michael Caine… A Magical place. There is only one restaurant and no other amenities nearby.

The coordinates are: 39°28'31.50" N - 2°31'10.00" E


Cala Comptessa & Illetas

Comptessa is a very small beach, preferred by locals. It is only 100 metres long and not very wide. Moreover the water is not shallow so it is not the best place for children. The surroundings are beautiful with trees and cliffs on both sides of the beach. Illetas beach is one of the most well known beaches on the south west, near Palma. It is famous due to Illetas Beach Club. A great place to chill and relax, to play casinos online on your laptop. Perfect place to encounter beautiful people.

The coordinates are: 39°32'05" N- 2°35'22" E and 39°32'13" N- 2°35'26" E