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Relocation & Moving

Fotos Moving insideOnce you decided you wish to move to Mallorca, the mediterranean paradise, and once you have found your home under the sun all the other questions arise. What do I do if I don’t speak Spanish? Which schools should I place my children in? Where can I do some sports? Where are all the traditional Spanish restaurants? Shall I bring my car and if I do how do I get Spanish plates? Where can I rent a boat for a day? If I live here, what do I do about health care? And taxes? And, and, and…

Over the years we have helped many families to relocate here giving them schools tours, showing them where the gyms are, making reservations in special restaurants, introducing them to our extensive network not only to make friends but also to learn who to navigate the Spanish System (which is an art in its own) most importantly we have always been here to help.

Even after ten years of having helped some to get to know the “Spanish Way” we still get questions to which we are very happy to provide answers for.

Basically we are your personal assistant on the island. In our team we have a good mix of local knowledge and experience on relocation, some of us moved to the island and underwent the same episodes you might encounter over time and other have lived here all our lives therefore know exactly the when,who and where.


Moving is always stressful and besides all the packing there is a lot of administrative work involved such as the change of all supplies e.g. electricity, water, telephone/internet and many more.

We will be happy to take all the hassle away from and make moving a stress free experience. Our service includes:

  • Pack your boxes and prepare your furniture for moving
  • Move your furniture and boxes to your new home
  • Built up your furniture
  • Unpack your boxes
  • Take care of all necessary changes of supplies
  • Take care that your old place is clean swept and ready to take over

Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime for an tailored quote for your needs.