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South East of Mallorca

South East of Mallorca:

The East is a loved area by many. The same rule applies as to the North. There is good infrastructure but it is also an area with very marked seasons. The summer is buzzing and in winter the foreigners in love with the island and locals give live to towns in a very reserved way. The beaches, coves and little marinas are charming and full of character. There are some highlighted areas such as: Porto Cristo with its stalactite caves “Coves del Drac”, little fisherman’s port and historic buildings, Porto Petro with is amazing and biggest natural harbour in the island, Cala D’or with is romantic little coves and bays as well as Ibiza style architecture. Following the coast Cala Llombards, Cala Figuera and Cala Santany are the places of preference by many returning tourists to the island. Its gold sand beaches and turquoise waters are welcoming and stunning. A little inland Santany village, Sa Alqueria Blanca are preferred living areas by those who enjoy tranquility, away from busy towns (these are about 60 Km form Palma) but with a good selections of good bars and restaurants with easy access. Even though there is not a high population in these areas the assortment of amenities is of a very high standard.

Back on the coast on towards the south Cabo Salinas is the furthest south point on the island a narrow picturesque road leads us to a typical light house and an amazing deserted rock garden. From here you can walk to Colonia Sant Jordi, a preferred holiday village for local Mallorquin people due to is family friendly sandy beaches, bars, restaurants, walking trails, easy access and good atmosphere.

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