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Palma de Mallorca


Palma city was introduced to the navigation maps in 123 AC. The pedestrian street which runs from the walls in front of the Cathedral comes from these historic times. Madina Mayurca as it was known in the S.X to S IV, is what many enjoy today in the old town. Its streets with no straight angles, full of history and full of life, eventhough residential. From the 13th Century the City of Mallorca and Palma have been an important name in the Mediterranean. Today as well, but for different reasons.

While walking in the Old Town streets we can enjoy the architecture of former times mixed with the nowadays modern lifestyle.

In the last couple of decades this area of Mallorca has suffered a drastic change for the better. The government has supported the refurbishing of old buildings, has cleaned the streets and created a whole touristic rute around it.

Bistros, cafes, bars, restuarants, shops all and all a magnificent fortified town. Different worlds open behind each door. It is always a surprise what may encounter in cellars, and traditional Patios.

The Old Town is an enchanting crucible of cultures, history and lifestyle.

When you walk to the west end the fortified walls of the old town. You reach the upcoming neighbourhood of Santa Catalina and Es LLonget. Some have compared it to Nothing Hill in London. Its life flows around the Santa Catalina Market with fresh goods and top quality wines. The offer of restaurants and bars per SQM is uncomprable. All types, all sorts, different nationalities mingle with the traditional mallorquin customs. Night life in this areas is also very popular amongst locals and visitors. Recently it was declared as an area of Cultural Interest. All facades are been redone, bring it to its splendor of former times.

If we move away from the sea towards the north of Palma, into the hils. The traditional neighbourhoods amongst locals such as Son Armadams, La Vileta, Son Quint with its splendid mansions combined with blocks of buildings are a desirable area due to its proximity to Palma Centre, access to the motorway and tranquil streets.

Son Vida set on the hills overlooking Palma Bay with attentive stare. Is an exclusive residenteial neighbourhood with three world class golf courses. Mostly composed to villas a couple of low rise buildings and two exlcuive 5 star hotels. The panomaric views are amazing and it rolling perfectly manicured golf courses are an artist impression, showing class and luxury lifestyle.

On the left hand side of Son Vida on the next hill, just above the Bellver Castle (The only completely rounded castle in Europe) is La Bonanova and Genova. A traditional small “barrio” or little town with superb restaurants and breathtaking views. It is a good combination of traditional villas, houses, townhouses and modern architecture. The only way to understand Genova is to be there. Only 10 minutes form the airport, 10 minutes from Palma centre with the comfort of a small town atmosphere and residential quietness. Queen’s College is located in this area and other international schools are just within pases from here.

If we took a direct route from the Bonanova hills towards the sea we find ourselves in El Terreno. It lived its splendor in the 60’s and 70’s. It suffered a decline in the late 80’s and 90’s. It is now recovering, new hotels and completely refurbished houses are in the scene. We expect to see its renaissance in the coming years.

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