A house is not only walls and concrete it is a home, an adventure. When you buy a home whether is in your home country or abroad, you should do business with people you trust. We would like to be those people.

We are career sales professionals who understand the worries that accompany making such a decision, especially in a foreign country. We help you find the area and the property that best suits y ours needs of you and your family. We would like to be your partners in the adventure of becoming the owner of a Spanish home. Answering your questions and handling the details. We will make your home-buying experience easy. We will provide the best service possible for every person we represent. We shall be honest, loyal and sincere to our customers, clients and collaborators.

The bottom line is that our work, time and energy will be given in a helpful, caring and professional manner so that our fees will be well earned and our services will be appreciated and highly recommended.



Think outside the box! When you are looking for a home under the sun. There are many options. Some of these can be very attractive but not suit your needs. We have a selection of properties, which could fit your criteria and your needs. If you cannot find it ...


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Management is not a cost is an investment. Having a home under the sun is a dream. We can help you with all the side duties, which no one wants to do prior to a relaxing stay in your Mediterranean home. If you only wish technical support or advice we can also help...


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Mallorca is synonym of lifestyle and trendiness accompanied by a relaxed atmosphere all in a cultural melting pot. Mallorca has many faces. There are always new places to explore, beaches to visit, restaurants to try, excursions to trek and sun sets to enjoy...

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